A Christmas Throw

A Christmas throw from Baigali Designs can be one of your living or bedroom’s most exciting accessory. Get cosy this Christmas with one of my throws. Give your Christmas a merry twist and brighten up your Christmas with a festive throw for your living room. My throws provide visual and physical warmth, no home should be without at least one.

Most of my throws contain over 30 squares of individually selected fabric from Scotland and around the world, over 4 square meters of fabric including nature’s own wonder fibre…wool.

Wool has inherent characteristics that cannot be reproduced by manmade fibres, these inherent qualities make wool a natural choice for my throws and the best part is it has so many great benefits.

The good side of Wool

Wool in a Christmas Throw is naturally anti-microbial due to its unique surface scale structure on which bacteria are unable to survive. The moisture absorbing properties of wool absorb sweat from the skin and halt the generation of odour causing bacteria, keeping your throw fresher for longer. Wool is comfortable due to its unique spring like fibre structure. The natural crimp offers excellent support and often smells great. It regulates your body temperature keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, maintaining a steady temperature also leads to a more restful sleep. It is also natural and fully sustainable fibre from a renewable source.

Being naturally hypoallergenic wool is perfect for anyone with allergies of sensitivities. The antistatic nature of wool reduces the attraction of lint and dust and the surface scales prevent dirt from penetrating the fibre surface. Dust mites cannot survive on wool, making it a perfect choice for asthma suffers.

Wool is therefore natures wonder fibre working hard to keep us safe and warm.

My throws are an example of wool and quality fabric at its best.

One of my customer at a recent fair said that if there were one category of throw that was deserved of the word ‘glamorous’ then my throws would warrant it entirely. I was on a high all day after that kind comment.

What better time of year for my throws to come into their own, than winter?

Please come of see for yourself at one of the craft fairs I attend or visit my online shop, and most important of all, I hope you have a safe a very happy Christmas.

My large throws are priced @ £295 which is directly due to the high cost of the quality fabric that I have used.

Visit my shop to buy online.


December 2020