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Paisley Cushions

Individually designed and handmade paisley cushions

The design of my paisley cushions are inspired by the rich colours of Scotland. Each is therefore quite unique and individual. I use mostly 100% soft wool fabrics with Scottish paisley patterns in my designs.

Why Paisley?

These intricate and beautiful designs originated in India in the 11th century, the most popular and recognisable is the teardrop motif.

As the designs made their way to western Europe in the latter half of the 18th century, the paisley shawls became a symbol of wealth and status.

The Paisley pattern that we know today, still has a Persian flair. The various paisley designs remind me of hand woven rugs from Iran. The name however derives from the Scottish town of Paisley, a town east of the city of Glasgow. It was the centre of the weaving industry by the 19th century.

My fabrics

I source my fabrics from small weavers, woollen mills across Scotland and the British Isles, international fabric houses and designer brands to ensure quality.

Brighten up your home and allow your paisley cushion to reflect your personality by choosing designs that speak to you. Complete your bedroom or sofa with cushions that deliver rugged elegance. A mixture of sizes, colours and patterns will ensure your cushions don’t look out of place. Match your cushions to the colours which already exist in your room. Include varying shades of that tone ranging from light to dark.

In conclusion, whether your paisley cushions are a design statement on your favourite sofa or dressing a bed I hope that you and your home enjoy them.

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